Mijke Bos

Having travelled and lived abroad for several years, photographer and cosmopolitan Mijke Bos has returned to Lauwersoog, the place where she was raised. In Lauwersoog she finds peace in the raw nature of the marshlands, which suits her so well.

Mijke works as a freelance photographer and studies at the same time at the Photo academy in Groningen, the city where she also holds her office. The variation of working and studying in a city-like environment and the peacefulness of living in nature gives her a sense of evenness.

In 2003 Mijke has founded ‘Libre Expresión’. The goal of this Honduran foundation is to enable youths and children to develop themselves in leadership and self expression by means of photography.

For more information: www.libreexpresion.org.

Mijke photographs people and subjects close to her and tries to depict them honestly and full of variety. Through her photographic language she lets the viewer get acquainted with vulnerability as well as strength, adaptability as well as determination, the dynamics of the human being.

From May 5th through October 25th 2009 there is an exhibit showing a selection of Mijkes works, amongst which the series of the “Folkingestreet (Groningen) and her Entrepeneurs”

at Pilat & Pilat,

Tsjerkebuorren 40

9286 GC Twijzel

For more information on the aforementioned exhibit: www.pilatpilarinterieur.nl

More information about Mijke Bos and her work: www.mijkebos.com