Wad Naakt

“Wad Naakt”, photo exhibit of photographer Mijke Bos, takes place in the open air and runs from July 15th thru September 15th of 2009. Twenty photos measuring 9 m2 (2,5 mtrs high x 3,5 mtrs wide) are seen at several locations on the sea embankment between Moddergat on the Frisian side and the ‘Eendenkooi’ at Nieuw Onrust on the Groninger side.

“Wad Naakt” is a visual story consisting of a series of b&w photographs depicting the interaction between nature and the human being. In the exhibit one sees Mijke’s fascination for people and their adaptibility: the ability to carry great loss and sorrow, the strength to make the impossible possible. “By photographing people naked in these extaordinary surroundings, I come to the purest, virtually unsoiled, the most exposed view of the human being’s vulnerability and dynamics simultaneously.” The Dutch marshlands – The Shallows – play a large part as bare surroundings, fully exposed. When the sea subsides, many forms of live and death are exposed. The marshes either cover or unearth themselves, depending on the tides.

Mijke Bos prefers to present her photographs at the place where they belong: the Dutch Shallows. The photographer feels the images come to live at this location and everyone can experience the impressions on their own terms.

“Wad Naakt” has joined the special anniversary ‘Lauwersmeer 40’. On May 23rd, 1969, 40 years ago, the enclosure of the area from the Northsea was completed: from Lauwerssea to Lauwerslake, the birth of the National Park Lauwersmeer. For the entire program: www.lauwersmeer40.nl